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Sketching out a muon collider - CERN Courier

Muons cooled for action - CERN Courier

IMCC - International Muon Collider Collaboration

MuCol - European Design Study

Common misconceptions - The facts around some frequently heard objections to muon colliders

Overview Videos

Nathaniel Craig @ Princeton

Nima Arkani-Hamed @ UCSB

Tova Holmes @ Stanford

Mark Palmer @ SLAC

Patrick Meade @ Toronto

Karri DiPetrillo @ Sydney CPPC


Towards a Muon Collider - EPJC

Muon Collider Forum Report - Snowmass Whitepaper

Future Collider Implementation Task Force Report - Snowmass Whitepaper


June 2023 Software Tutorial

December 2022 Software Tutorial at Fermilab (git)

Muon Collider Detector and Physics Wiki

Letters to P5 and NAS

Muon Collider R&D - Letter to NAS EPP2024

Muon Collider R&D - Letter to P5

Accelerator R&D - Letter to P5, joint with C3