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Muon Collider in the News

Symmetry: This is Our Muon Shot
In December, the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel, called P5, released its recommendations for the future of the field, based on the input from the Snowmass process.
Science: The Dream Machine
A muon collider could be much smaller and cheaper than a functionally equivalent proton collider, advocates say.
CERN Courier: Shooting for a Muon Collider
The physics landscape has changed.
New York Times: Particle Physicists Offer a Road Map for the Next Decade
A “muon shot” aims to study the basic forces of the cosmos.
Scientific American: Particle Physicists Dream of a Muon Collider
Particle physicists are unlikely evangelists, but in papers, at conferences and with T-shirts, stickers and memes, many of them are spreading the good word of a muon collider—a next-generation machine that would smash together muons, the massive cousins of electrons.
Nature: Particle physicists want to build the world’s first muon collider
Momentum is growing to build a particle collider in the United States that smashes muons — heavier cousins of electrons.
APS News: Muon Colliders Hold a Key to Unraveling New Physics
As the discovery of the Higgs boson approaches its 10-year anniversary, physicists are busy building on its legacy.
Symmetry: MICE brings muon collider closer to reality
Scientists have announced a breakthrough that could be key to the creation of a powerful new kind of particle collider.